The vision and mission of the African and Caribbean Business Council of the greater Philadelphia

(ACBC) is to promote and preserve the business interests of African and Caribbean entrepreneurs

in the Greater Philadelphia area, while bridging the cultural divide between member countries and

the larger community through education and the encouragement of mutual tolerance. As an

organization, ACBC assumes the role to serve as the real messenger in addressing culturally

sensitivities issues of doing business in Africa and the Caribbean. ACBC is the gateway and a

catalyst to serve Pennsylvania businesses and companies seeking an entryway into Africa and the

Caribbean. A partnership with the State of Pennsylvania is important and this is why we need the

support of the Governor.


In its extraordinary meeting attended by all officers, the following action plan for 2014 was voted for and adopted as ACBC Vision 2014.

1.Membership Focus: ACBC will focus on issues and concerns of Members and non-members. How do we win their business and cooperation. Emmanuel Opawumi is to lead membership drive and issues concerning ACBC membership.

2.Peace and Unity: ACBC will focus on peace/unity among members. It is important to call all members together and seek ideas and solutions in an open and transparent fashion as a way to build organizational unity. Grace Nnadiugwu will lead this session during this 2014 and beyond.

3.Trade Mission: ACBC will strengthen its trade mission agenda and work on Trade Mission logistics to ensure maximum satisfaction to all participants. ACBC will be organizing events and trade missions that benefits participating companies and also brings benefit to ACBC. Hamidou Traore will work with Roger Kounga to develop plans and strategy that are mutually beneficial to all during our future events.

4.Premier Organization Status: ACBC will position itself as a leader and Chris Chaplin will the lead the effort in making ACBC a Premier Organization in Delaware Valley and as a focal point for African and Caribbean business area, with a reputation for honesty and integrity as well as an image for unity. We have done this before and can do it again. Refer to Census 2010 African Complete Count Committee which Azuka Anyiam headed and Caribbean Complete Count Committee which Chris Chaplin headed.

5. Publicity: ACBC will pay attention in 3 key important areas which will become the information warehouse of ACBC in publicity, grant writing and fund raising as well as data collection.

a) Website; As a matter of urgency, ACBC should embark on website improvement so as to enhance ACBC image. All data video, and pictures of our events should be uploaded on our website spanning the past 4 years. A database should be developed on all registered members and how to register for new members online and pay dues online. This includes registration for any signature ACBC events to be done online. List of past attendees to our events; list of sponsors and list of members. Payment information is vital and should be done immediately. All Trade Mission data should be uploaded on website. This data will also help in grant writing.

b) Grant Writing/Fund Raising; Hamidou Traore should lead the effort in finding a grant writer for ACBC and will be assisted by Chris Chaplin. A $10 charge is to be established as a minimum charge to ACBC events by non-members, ACBC paid members should enter free to all ACBC event as part of their new $300 annual dues.

c) Board Members: Roles and responsibilities should be assigned to new coming board members. Hamidou will work with Azuka Anyiam, Roger Kounga and Chris Chaplin in establishing roles and responsibilities for Board members. Also Chris Chaplin and Kahiga Tiagha will have a review of ACBC bylaws.

7. Business Assitance Center (BAC): This will be a priorityof ACBC during 2014 and Dr. Azuka Anyiam will lead the effort for the establishment of the Business Assistance Center (BAC). This will include contacting some elected officials to get a matching fund and WORC and some companies that will serve as ACBC corporate members by contributing at the beginning of every year certain amount a minimum of $1000 which allow them access to all ACBC event including free ads.

8. Advisory Board: Azuka Anyiam will work with the Board of Directors to nominate key appointments to ACBC advisory Board and ACBC non-executive board of directors.

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