Individual Membership:

All professionals of African and Caribbean…..descent residing in the Greater Philadelphia area shall be eligible for Individual Membership.

Associate Membership:

Any professional or business owner dedicated to ACBC’s mission that is NOT of African or Caribbean descent may join ACBC as an associate member. Associate members have the right to participate fully in the affairs of the council and to be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors if nominated and elected by the members.

Non-profit Organization:

All non-profit, non-political, cultural, social, health, educational, professional, and other interest-group institutions shallregister as non-profit (irrespective of nationality

of ownership). Any non-profit Member may appoint an individual who is authorized to represent the non-profit Member during elections.

Small Business Membership:

All small businesses owned or operated by people of African or Caribbean descent located in Greater Philadelphia shall be eligible to register as a small business member. Any corporate member may appoint an individual to represent the Corporate Member during elections.

Corporate Membership:

All corporations located in Greater Philadelphia and dedicated to ACBC’s mission irrespective of ownership may join ACBC as a corporate member. All Corporate Members may appoint an individual to represent the Corporation during elections.

Your Membership Includes:

  • Technical assistance and workshops
  • Business development & training programs
  • Opportunity to participate in high level business forums, trade missions, expos and seminars
  • Listing in yearly membership directory
  • Access to national and international business contacts and information
  • Opportunity to participate in networking, public relations events and other business promotional activities

*Corporate members receive tickets and guaranteed seating at all ACBC events for employee of the corporation during a given calendar year. The logos of these entities are also included on all ACBC programs and promotional items throughout the year.

Non-Member: $10 per meeting.

Please Check One Membership Level

African & Caribbean Business Council Membership Form

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Individual Membership – $300

Associate Membership – $300

Small Business Membership – $300

Non-Profit Organization – $200

Corporate Membership – $5,000

Membership for Student– $100

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